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Choose Joy :)

So it’s February. Blah. The weather is up-and-down, mostly cold, little sunshine. Stuck indoors more, but when outdoor opportunities come, there’s the snow and slush tracked inside. Football is over. It’s cold and flu season. It’s easy to get down and out in February!


There’s always a reason to choose joy!

Have you forgotten our Father in heaven loves you with agape Love? He lives. He Loves. He saves. He provides. He is faithful. He promises (and keeps them!). He’s got a plan and purpose for your life.

Have you forgotten you slept in a warm house last night? There’s food in the frig, you have family and friends who love you, the sun will still come up in the morning, and the grass will soon be green again.

It’s all in the way we look at things. A frown upside down is a SMILE.

Romans 15:13 - “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Song Lyrics: Lost your way, lost your cool, then you straight up lost your mind! Tried so hard to stay ahead, but you keep falling behind. Life is gonna pull you down, make it hard to see, but a little change in your point of view could be just what you need. There's always a reason to always choose joy ‘cause there's something deeper that the world can't destroy. Smile! When you think you can't, smile! Get up and dance! There's a bigger plan. The storm only lasts for a while, so smile :) Happiness is wonderful but it doesn't stick around. Walkin' on sunshine, then here come the clouds. You can laugh or you can cry when it all falls apart, but I believe the more you laugh, the more you heal the heart. You’ve got a reason to smile!

If God doesn’t make you smile, you don’t know my God. Get into His Word; get to know Him. He is the reason we smile. It’s a choice to be down and out or joyful. Choose joy :)

Writers: B.McDonald, S.Mizell, D.Frey

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