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Run to Jesus

The ‘church’ is NOT a building, it is God’s people. We don’t ‘go to church’ … we go ‘meet with the church’ … we ‘go to the church building' (tent, temple, synagogue, etc.).

For many, the church building is their ‘filling station’ … they drive there every Sunday to fill up their spiritual tank for the week; the preacher speaks and reads some encouraging Bible passages; they see and sit with friends and maybe throw a buck or two in the offering plate on the way out … isn’t that what being a ‘Christian’ is all about?

Not even close!

If that describes how you see ‘church’, maybe what you’re really doing is trying to fill up all the empty places and numb the pain; you’re running to the church building or the church instead of running to Jesus.

For Christ-followers, Jesus is our everything, our all. Jesus is our:

The list goes on and on. There are hundreds and hundreds of names and ways to describe Jesus.

Do you have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour? (Here’s how) Do you go to God in prayer, in Jesus’ name? (Prayer Tips)

If you haven’t yet accepted His gift of eternal life, come to Jesus! He is the only way to our Father God in heaven. If you are already a spiritually born child of God, keep watching, finish the race strong because it won’t be long until we dance with Jesus!

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