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"We do ... we will ..."

We do ...: What's Happening

This is your love story, come true ...
Your journey of marriage begins with 'I DO'
Cherish this bond, it belongs to only the two of you.
Start each day with gratitude and compassion for each other,

and unconditional love will follow.
Believe in each other; support each other's dreams.
Remember to dream together too.
Always give more than you think the other needs.
Say, 'I love you' and 'thank you' every day!
Trust, respect, and appreciate each other.
Be spontaneous, be fun, be romantic!
Stand together, but let there be space in your togetherness.
Know when to listen, to talk, to let your heart feel.
Forgive and forget - doing so will make you feel better!
Work together.
Play together.
Pray together.
Allow God to be the foundation of your marriage.
You have been chosen for each other... it is His plan.
With each passing year, you will grow closer together,

drawing strength from one another ... and two will become one.
You will be blessed with the greatest happiness in life,
To love and to be loved.

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