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The Best News Ever!

Who’s spreading the good news to the world while satan extends his reach and trickery by distorting God’s Word?

Two King James Bible Scripture translating ministries God has richly blessed are firstBible International and Bearing Precious Seed (BPS), whose goal is to increase the number of Received Text (a/k/a KJB) based translations of the true Word of God in various tongues and dialects. They prepare those translations and have them printed globally in the best way available; in order to advance Church planting with the accurate words of God and to expand translating efforts among unreached people groups.

When the KJB scripture is prepared in a language/tongue, it is then published, which entails: 1) printing 2) collating 3) folding the cover 4) putting the Scripture in the cover, 5) stapling 6) cutting the edges 7) boxing them for 8) distribution to the intended land where that language is predominate.

BPS is a Scripture publishing ministry of First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio. Since 1973, they have printed and distributed over 200 million Scriptures and Scripture portions to churches and missionaries all around the world. Many churches throughout the USA participate in the publishing process (Steps 2-8). BPS is an amazing opportunity for us to spread the gospel and combat satan as he continues to attack God’s Word through corrupt versions of His Words. Your Church can get involved too.

The celebratory words in the song today …

What if I were the one to tell you That the fight's already been won Well, I think your day's about to get better What if I were the one to tell you That the work's already been done It's not good news It's the best news ever Best news ever! So won't you, come Come all you weary and you burdened You heavy-laden and you hurting For all of you with nothing left Come and find rest!

If your Church is not active in participating in the Bearing Precious Seed ministry, consider ways to support them and share this with your local Church.

Writers: SJOlds, DAGarcia, BEGraul, BMMillard, NFCochran, RTShaffer, MJScheuchzer, BMGlover

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