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Do Right

“I know that He gave his life for me Set all our spirits free So I want to do right, want to do right All of my life”

Do Rightis a 1980 hit song written by Paul Davis. It was one of several *Gospel-tinged songs of the 1980s era to hit the main U.S. song charts peaking at #23 on the Adult Contemporary Chart and was #10 on the Christian Adult Contemporary charts in 1980.

*Gospel tinged. What’s that? The song thanks Jesus for His gift to man of eternal life in Heaven. Though, it’s a gift received only when a person accepts His gift by repenting of their sins and asking Jesus to be their personal Lord and Saviour.

Is God using you for His glory? God using man wittingly and unwittingly is the wonder of this song. How God used Paul Davis (a Christian) in a rapidly declining moral era to write a love song to God while appealing to myriad listeners by mentioning the woman he’s been blessed with. Brilliant.

Most listeners had no clue they were being fed spiritually.

I want to do right

You've got to do right

Yes, you've got to do right

And He'll be your guiding light

But you've got to do right

And He'll be your guiding light

Do you want the light of God to shine within you and others you know? Here’s how.

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