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When We Pray

People are hurting, broken, beaten down and feeling hopeless. Who will speak up for the captive, show some love? What if we were a people on our knees, as one before the King, because we believe? All the world starts changing when the body of Christ starts praying! Strongholds start to break, prison walls start shaking at the sound of praising! Nothing stays the same when we pray! Psalms 5:2 - “Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray.” Job 42:10 - “And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.” Psalms 55:17 - “Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.”

Revival is rising, hope’s on the horizon! As a generation stepping out in faith, we will be a people on our knees, as one before the King, because we believe! Let Your kingdom come, Lord! Let Your will be done. See the strongholds start to break when we pray to our Almighty King!

Today’s Song – Watch/Listen: “When We Pray” – Artist: Tauren Wells Writer(s): Tauren Wells, Colby Wedgeworth, Ethan Hulse

Are you a “believer”?

How to Pray

Ponder this: If God answered the prayers you’ve been praying, would it change anyone else’s world but your own?

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