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Give Him Your Hand

What were you doing in 1971? Were you born yet? Do you remember (or remember hearing about):

  • Rolls-Royce in Britain goes bankrupt

  • Apollo 14 lands on the Moon

  • The 'Nasdaq' stock exchange is founded

  • Satchel Paige was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

  • Evel Knievel sets a world record and jumps 19 cars on a motorbike

What music was topping the charts in 1971?

“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison

“Imagine” by John Lennon

“I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” by Lynn Anderson

“Maggie May” by Rod Stewart

“Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones

“Theme from ‘Shaft’” by Isaac Hayes

“She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones

“Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night

“It’s Too Late” by Carole King

“Knock Three Times” by Tony Orlando & Dawn

Did you know that listening to (and performing) music reactivates areas of the brain associated with memory, reasoning, speech, emotion, and reward? Recent studies have found that music doesn't just help us retrieve stored memories, it also helps us lay down new ones. According to scientists, a song triggers an emotion that matches the emotion felt at the time the event happened. Music can be powerful; lyrics can be powerful too.

Today’s song was released in February 1971. This secular song was the first single by Canadian band ‘Ocean’, and was a #2 pop hit.

Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water;
Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea.
Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently,
By puttin' your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee.

The lyrics mention being no different than the sinners in the Bible, recalling when Jesus, Who worked as a carpenter, chastised merchants for selling goods in the temple (Matthew 21:12-17). The song also references when Jesus calmed the sea in Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:22-25. In the midst of a storm that threatened to overturn their boat, the panicked apostles woke Jesus and begged him to help. Jesus simply commanded the waves to be still. Mark 4:39 - “And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”

The Man Who walks on water and calmed the sea loves you and gave His life for you! If you haven’t already, put your hand in the hand of the Man from Galilee.

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#PutYourHandInTheHand #Ocean #HolySpirit #GaitherMusic #victory #spiritual #vevo #Gospel #ChristianMusic #Jesus #Savior #God #Bible #inspirational #salvation #JesusMatters #VBS4ever @VBS4ever

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