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While I Wait

In our life, we have periods of various measures where we’re faithfully waiting for God to act or show us what He wills.

Waiting can be painful and stressful, in both physical and emotional ways. This impacts us and also those who love us. Where do we turn for relief? We’re waiting on God after all.

Not surprisingly, the Book of Life, the Bible has many stories of others waiting for God.

  • Abraham waited to be made the father of the nations.

  • David waited to receive the throne.

  • Noah waited for the rain to stop.

  • Ruth waited for her Boaz.

  • Sarah, at 90-years of age, waited to be blessed with her child Isaac.

Waiting is, quite simply, part of life. We patiently wait, pray and read God’s Word and sometimes have the audacity to question if God will answer or give us the answer we prefer.

Among what we can know is that:

  1. God gives purpose in our waiting. 1Corinthians 15:58

  2. God keeps His promises. Joshua 21:43-45

  3. God is faithful. Deuteronomy 7:9

We may not know the purpose of the wait and our pain until much time has passed. When it passes, seeing the purpose of pain and angst of the waiting is a glorious thing. Our waiting is not in vain, for as we wait He transforms us.

We must pray for God’s wisdom to endure our wait and ask Him to help us discover its purpose.

"Deep within my heart / I know You’ve won / I know You’ve overcome / And even in the dark / When I’m undone / I still believe it"

Featured song for today is While I Wait, written and performed by Lincoln Brewster

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